Thursday, April 23, 2009

Travel Guide to Lovina

Lovina Beach, located about 9 km from the City of Singaraja, the Bali region in the north, precisely in Kalibukbuk Village, Buleleng District. Domestic and foreign tourists who visit Lovina no objection to the morning wake up blind. In the cold morning freshness, the tourists to the sandy beaches of black ago anchored the boat motor with a maximum of five people that sometimes they do not know each other. Not infrequently the boat passengers are encouraged from the first edge of the beach by the boat owner. A work in the morning it was already able to offer a warm and intimate atmosphere between the passenger and owner of the boat motor service. Tourist boat in the end come and talk along the way more than one kilometer toward the sea.

In the blue waters of the tourist attractions akan disuguhi tens natural tails dolphin. Despite the tens of appearing in number, it is trusted that the water in the Sea of Bali is more than 100 live dolphins tail. They appear only around 06.00 to 08.00 Wita.

The boat owner who acts as tour guide in the morning that will lead perahunya toward the sea to search for dolphins. At the time dolphins have been hectic pop voice screaming tourists berbaur impressed with the sound berisiknya thruster motor boat.

When the boat is close to the dolphins, perahupun motor is turned off. In the quiet atmosphere, tourists can witness the action with the dolphins more comfortable. Herd dolphins akan disband if there is a boat near the motor is still on.

Scenes like this, already in progress since 1976. When was the first time fishermen, fishing in open waters Lovina boat rental service to see the agility dolphins use a sailboat for the first time. Then as technology sophistication sailing is replaced with the boat motor for the time and energy efficiency.

The average boat owner carry 4-5 people in each passenger turnya. Price Rp 60,000 to the fishermen already fit, may not be less or more. To avoid unhealthy competition among the boat owners, boat owners are not allowed to offer price outside the agreement. The agreement is binding on all fishing boats motor bidder services in Lovina.

For a tourist area, the facilities available can be said is quite complete. Start from the lodging of the inn, cottage, villa-star hotels to 5, shops, pubs, places to eat are open until late at night. However, the area this tour looks quiet compared to the tourist area of Pulau Dewata in the south. Say, Kuta, Sanur, which is now developing to Seminyak and Kuta. Campaign may be less or less or entertainment facilities as well as from the less incentive peemerintahnya promote Bali to the north of the world?

However, Lovina offers distinctive charm, even in the silence that is the power pikatnya appears. Without having to jam or interfere with the noise, tourists can enjoy the beautiful beach. Walking or jogging in the morning while enjoying the beach and the life of the living biota, that is the activities of many people during a visit to Lovina. So renting snorkeling and diving equipment is the flare on the beach. Fish with a variety of colors and corals with the various forms can be enjoyed in Lovina. While in the boat had seen some ornamental fish are below the surface through the water.

For souvenirs, tourists who visit Lovina can craft an ornament with pearls. Ranging from earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and pearls can be easily found there. Decoration of the clamshell to the gift of materials, recycling is also available.

The beauty and tranquility Lovina indeed deserve to enjoy. This region can be a reference for the purpose of tourism in Bali. For the area that is very easy, asphalted road facilities are available. There are several ways to Lovina area, if the first port of Gilimanuk come through, we can direct toward the north through Grogak, Seririt, and then enter the area or if Lovina come through Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar go through, and then ascend to the cold area for Bedugul next to Singaraja. If you or love adventure and have a long time, it is recommended through the first Klungkung area. Region that is located in the east of Denpasar, offers tranquility akan blue sea along the journey. Log In Karangasem region, we can enjoy the beauty of Candidasa Beach, about 65 kilometers from Denpasar.

Accompanied and presented after the blue of the sea north of Bali.
We enter the cool mountainous regions, namely the distance to the Kintamani Lovina lived about 50 kilometers. From Kintamani, through our area with the mountain road and turn beautiful scenery. Throughout the journey from Klungkung - Karangasem - Kintamani Lovina end up in many places of attractions that we always visit. So the trip will not be boring to sit in the car.

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