Friday, May 4, 2012

Native Bali Woman

The Beauty of a Bali native woman matches that of the islands coral reefs. Do you suppose a land mass can take on the beauty of its inhabitants? That was my first impression as a tourist visiting for the first time just a few years ago. The destination was chosen for me by my business partner at the time. Sweet Bill wanted to give me a little slice of the world and he knew I was never interested in traveling outside the states, even outside of the north eastern states.

I had some travel time under my list of accomplishments and I was completely satisfied. At Bill’s insistence I didn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and I did spend a most wonderful experience on the Island of Bali just one year before my retirement from the corporate real estate and just six months before my dear friend’s sudden move in othere country. 

Why did I bring up the beauty of a native Bali woman?  My wife and I divorced twenty years ago and we are one of those ‘better friends today than we were lovers when married.’  She is happily married and enjoys life on the west coast. I just never got around to that whole dating scene. The dates I did go out on just didn’t touch on any long term desires for either of us.

I consider myself average in everything including looks but as 65 years weathers the frame I still find myself very content with the way I feel and where I am in life but on the Island of Bali a woman changed some of my perspectives in a unique way. It happened quite by chance. I was also average in clumsiness and that caused one of those moments of not watching where you were going and walking into a ladies restroom woops moments.

Once I apologized profusely and walked out and into the men’s room I noticed my face was as beat red as the lobster meal I just consumed. Embarrassed in my error but also for what my eyes focused on and a bit longer than they should have I must admit. A lady was standing in front of a hand dryer obviously trying to dry off a spilled drink mishap. She was not wearing a bra and I was awestruck at the beauty of a grandma figure in the moment of tending to a private task.

Once outside on the beach of black sand I giggled to myself and thought how I came all these miles to get to Bali and on my very first night I managed to be breastfully whisked away in the moment. Very innocent but at the same time very innocently pleased that the natural beauty of this woman stirred within me a strong desire to experience the beauty of Bali and a desire to begin dating when I returned to the states.

Sitting there in the sand, my hands folded behind my neck with my elbows propped up on my knee’s and looking down into the black sand I had a shadow feeling of a passing cloud wash over me. It was a cloud of beauty with a voice.  “Excuse me, may I properly introduce myself since we already met and I feel you know me better than I know you?”

Two seasoned adults, one from the USA and a native Bali real estate business lady from Bali threw caution into the warm tropical winds of Bali and spent a glorious week together. Our villas in Bali of intimacy in life was so similar. The timing of our introductions created a week of spontaneity that could never have been planned.  We are like two ships that gently bumped into each other in life.  Just three more months and we will experience our second annual holiday date!

The end or perhaps another beginning.