Thursday, April 21, 2016

Guide to Bali Island

Bali such a beautiful and tranquil Island is blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes you will see anywhere in the world. Bali known as the island of the gods is one the most extraordinary experiences you can embark upon.

Many visitors arriving for the first time talk of a moment when stepping off the plan where a warmth in the heart slowly creeps upon you. Of course the temperature stays a constant 30 Degrees most of the year; however this feeling is almost as if the spiritual and cultural gods of the island have come to meet you off the plane.

Local Balinese people are rich with tradition and steeped in culture, throughout the island hundreds of temples showcase the powerful spiritual belief that makes visiting Bali, such a fascinating holiday. Any guest visiting the island for the first time should not miss taking time out to visit some of these quite often life changing exhibits and experiences.

The Balinese people themselves are extremely friendly and welcoming and have a great love for flowers, so don’t be surprise if you receive a Flower Galan, (Ring of Flowers) as you arrive in the airport, this a symbol of Bali tourism which represents a warm and accepting welcome and the start of a very special holiday.

Key Areas:
The Island of Bali has several key areas where guests wanting to holiday here will enjoy different types of experiences.

Ubud at the heart of Bali, and famous for its culture, handicrafts and paintings is typically a quieter and less buoyant location to stay. Famous for its market and art & craft shops and every type of knick-knack you can think of, attracts literati and glitterati from all walks of life. Anyone who is anybody, and perhaps anyone that is no-one has some time or another experience the splendors of Ubud.

Nusa Dua, in the most southern point of the Island, has purpose built resorts dotted along perfect white sandy beaches which play host to some of the best water sports to be found. Whether you’re a budding Water-skier or enjoy parasailing and snorkeling, this action and sports packed location is ideal for families.

Kuta and Seminyak, as well as having its own selection of beautiful beaches, are the two main area for the island Bars, Clubs and Restaurants. Famous bars such as Hypnotique, Living Room, Embargo, Bacio and Dejavu as well as Club 66, tends to attract younger and more party-centric holiday makers. Nord Kuta is now very busy all expat live there you must try brunch restaurant in Canggu on Sunday to see it.

Things to Do:
Any holiday wouldn’t be the same without a quality selection of Adventure and Island Tours. Famous adventure sports such as SOBEK Rafting & Cycling together with sightseeing day tours such as Bali Hai Island Cruise and of course the much loved Waka Land Cruise, not only treat you to day out that is simply breathtaking but, quite often leaves you will memories of a lifetime.

Places to Eat:
As you would expect from an Island that offers something for every tourist, Bali also has restaurants and warungs that cater for every taste and every budget. In Ubud you have 2 of the more famous restaurants on the Island with Moziac and Bebek Bengil or Dirty Duck as it’s fondly known. In Seminyak the world famous Kudeta and Made’s Warung, together with more fast food establishments such as Trattoria, Rumors and Ultimo. Not forgetting the Jimbaran Fish markets as a must for everyone in search of somewhere to eat.

Whether it’s a touch of class and elegance at Kudeta you want, or a dash of tropical spice at Made’s Warung, or its even to sit and eat fresh fish whilst enjoying ocean views of Jimbaran, there are simply too many quality eateries to name them all, and all too mouth watering to describe.

Bali is a special place in the heart of many international tourists. From Japan to Korea, Russia, Italia to England and not forgetting the crazy Australians, the Island has been a haven of tourism for over 15 years, with many tourists returning time and time again to continue to discover and enjoy this Island of beauty and peace.