Monday, December 28, 2009

Bali babysitter agency

If you have the local knowledge you should be able to find the employee you need no problem. For holiday makers it is not so easy. The hotel or holiday resort you stay with can recommend you staff but often the hotel will apply there own charges and do not offer any guarantees.There are advertisements in magazines and posters put on trees for independent babysitters and Bali housemaids – these independent workers tend to be the cheapest option but often you find these people do not have any training, have no support structures if things go wrong or offer any guarantees.

We did locate an agency called Bali Krisna Service which provides holiday makers and expatriateswith babysitters, nannies, security fo Bali real estate organization. The service is a small company owned and managed by a Balinese family. You can go to the office and interview the employee before you decide to choose one. It costs a littlemore then the independents but employees come with replacement guarantees and if something goes wrong you have somewhere to go. Choosing someone to care for your child and or home is an important issue.

The best thing about the agencies is that they understand customers havedifferent needs languages, cooking abilities etc. and they cater for these differences. The agencies need to apply extra charges to cover their costs but in the case of Bali Krisna Service they are a friendly easy to use company making the extra charge worthwhile. The Bali babysitter provided to us was fantastic with the children and seemed to have a natural ability at child care - this might be due to relaxed nature of Bali and the Balinese people that attracts so many visitors each year.