Monday, August 20, 2012

Vacation and Beauty Salon

One of the most famous Spa desitination in the worls is Bali, with the healthy lifestyle trend show up in the last five years keep the peoples get away from it all and lay on the sunny beach. In Bali you really find the best reasons to go to a spa or the private Bali beauty salon experiences place to spend  your holiday time with the people you really love.In Bali each treatment involved different ritual utilizing most of the time ancient style and advanced method technology.

In Bali and Indonesia the Spa etiquette follow some basic rules, one of the first rule is to turn off your mobile phone second don't play game or check you mail and sms. This even goes if you're getting a pedicure,hair cut or foot massage. Take a  magazine from the desk.Don't ask for discount, they do the best price for you anyway.Take a Shower before go to the spa or beauty salon most of the spa and beauty salon in bali don't have a good shower, so when you arrive home you gonna take onother shower to take off the oil massage.Most of the massage therapists in Bali are trained but be clear in what you want and what you don't want.

In the Bali Spa the massage is usually done nude, but if they offer you a sarongs like the etiquette in Indonesia take it, better you use the traditional sarongs if you don like you can keep your underwear on.When you finish you can give the tips but is not an abligation.Bali Surf Resort and Resort Spa are very common all around Bali but you have also lot of small Bali beauty Salon with top luxury service like The Jazb Beauty salon in Seminyak in the Seminyak Square complex is the ultimate destination in Bali for all luxury hair, face and body treatments; catering to both women and men. The talented team of therapists and stylists use only the best international and celebrity endorsed brands assuring you of an unsurpassed experience, not normally found in Bali.JazB is the preferred beauty place of celebrities, visiting dignataries and tourists seeking a world class experience at an affordable cost.