Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bali restaurant Guide Oberoi street

Everyone likes to spoil their tongue with good quality food at affordable price. When you come to Bali as a tourist you will get really confuse to decide where you going for eat. Here we go the solution for your precious stomach and to spoiling your taste with Italian recipe from the Italian chef, how perfect is that? While you enjoying your food you will forget that you are in Bali not in Italy. When you start to taste the food at Sasà Restaurant then you will speechless don’t know what to say…..fascinating so delicious. Wait…I know you are start to drawling imagine this food but you have to go to the right restaurant to eat pasta. Many Italian restaurant around and you have to know where you have to go and enjoy your pasta or other Italian dishes.

Take your map and find street name Seminyak, I will bring you to Restaurant Italy which own by Italian man and his chef from Italy also. Now from Seminyak you go further up to the north and you will find junction then you turn left follow the street and you will find junction again then turn right then you will enter to Oberoi St. it’s about 500M on the right side you will see Sasa’ Restaurant. This restaurant has good ambience with green color as a background and the most important is the owner really aware about the hygiene of his restaurant, you can see from his kitchen until the toilet is very clean.

There is few choices of Italian Restaurant at Oberoi Street and most of Spanish and Argentina people come for lunch or dinner at Sasà Restaurant usually they will request for Tagliata Con Rucola as their favorite dishes. If you didn’t like meat then you can try Chef Suggestion like Alici (ikan teri) Marinate, Alici Fritte or Vongole and fresh from market fish also for vegetables. Sasa’s Restaurant serve fresh food and home made pasta or gnocchi and they use good product. For mozzarella and ricotta cheese they buy fresh from Italian Farm at Singaraja and these cheese made from cows.

Anyway, lets start from appetizer menu if you like raw food there is some variety menu of carpaccio you can order for tuna, octopus or beef but if you are big fans of salad you can order for Caesar Salad I recommended for that. For main course you can start from home made pasta, gnocchi or import beef steak. Most favorite’s customer is Spaghetti Vongole or Gnocchi Sorrentina and you can order for fettuccini with your favorite sauce. We not finished yet, we have to order for home made dessert, Cannoli Pastiera Napoletana or the famous coffee for espresso or macchiato. Sasa’ Restaurant not only good for a cup of coffee they sale blended coffee so you can bring it home and having coffee at anytime you want.

For eateries you don’t have to worry with your pocket Sasa’ Restaurant serves delicious food with affordable prices so while you waiting for your order you can enjoy Sasa’ wine collections, they got wide choices of wine from Italy, Australia, Chile and also French or you can have a glass of beer or fresh juices.

You should start your day from Sasa’ Restaurant as my suggestion cause they open from eight o’clock in the morning until midnight. Sasa’ Restaurant serves for breakfast, you can order for healthy breakfast, American, Continental, Italian, or eggs any styles and for the price is worth it. When you start coming for breakfast I bet you then you will never go to the other place. Take your motorbike or stop a taxi asking for Oberoi Street then stop at Sasa’ Restaurant believe you will never regrets. Don’t forget to bring your friends or arranges your birthday party at Sasà Restaurant. Enjoy….

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