Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bali villa rental service

My new experience in Bali villa rental:

Hi my name is Jessie and I am a true blue Sydney boy who has just returned from his first trip in Bail and his first engagement. Previous to my departure I only known Bali as a small island located in Indonesia or affectionately known by my friends as the Island of the Gods. Renowned for it's rich culture, exotic scenery, great surfing, and friendly people I was soon excited to see the world famous island of Bali.

Friends who have visited to Bali notified me that I should experience the beauties that Bali has to offer whilst enjoying the comforts of a paradise Bali villa rental. A villa? I first thought. Why would I stay in a villa rather then a hotel. To tell you the truth I never stayed in a villa and it seemed that hotels was the only choice of accommodation whilst you are travelling. However my girlfriend insisted that we experience this new accommodation forus.

We started searching for Bali villa rental service in Bali on the net and stumbled upon to paradise villa rental. We simply sent them an email asking for availability in villas in the Seminyak area for a few days followed by Ubud for a few days and a villa in the Bukit in our price range. I later wasprovided with a shortlist of villas with a description& images and
information of the location of the villa which was really helpful. Soon after choosing our villas, we were ready to enjoy Bali without the stress of thinking of finding accommodation in a Bali when we were there.

Upon my arrival to Bali to the moment I went back to Sydney I was treated like a Rock star. A VIP service pick-up was arranged where we given VIP treatment as we skipped the que and which was over 50 meters long and had someone get our bags which took us to paradise villa rental luxury car.

We then went to experience our first villa in Seminyak at Annex villas. From the moment we entered the villa, I felt I knew why villas were the rage of Bali. Simple things such as instead of swimming at the hotel swimming pool, you now can enjoy your own private pool. Our villa featured a private tranquil tropical garden, our own kitchen & dining area (saved costs with snacks and meals), a luxury master bedroom with an en-suite open design bathroom. Paradise Villa Rental provided me with the perfect villa in meeting my needs in providing a stress free holiday while the temptation of shopping and spas on Jalan Oberoi only several minutes away. Very highly recommended for visitors to Bali to experience staying in a villa and may get you hitched.

Jason Leonard-Artha

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